Personal Disney Shopper: WDW’s newest, best kept secret…Unofficially, that is.

By:  Laura

Have you ever had a moment, especially when you are, say, looking thru old Disney vacation pictures, when you have an undeniable craving for a Mickey Mouse krispy treat? Or maybe it’s some of those yummy Mickey gummies? Do you get frustrated once you’ve unpacked from a trip and realize you forgot to stop back into the Emporium to pick up that must have t-shirt/print/photo album?  Maybe you are making dinner and hear sudden cries from you preschooler who’s favorite WDW train just stopped working? What do you do? For most of us, jet-setting off toFlorida on a moment’s notice is just not in the budget. But wait….what if I told you I had the solution to all the above and you never had to leave home to do it?!?

As I have said from the beginning, I am all about the magic and spreading pixie dust as much as I can. With all of my trips to WDW, visits to multiple Disney sites (official and unofficial), and never ending research of all that is Disney, it makes sense that I would run across new things, little known things, extraordinary things, right? What if I told you there is a wonderful service out there called Personal Disney Shopper (PDS) and it’s available to you!

Personal Disney Shopper

Personal Disney Shopper is owned and operated by Kelly Lichtenwalner, a fellow Disney fanatic and friend. I “met” Kelly on another Disney site a while back. I found she was nearly as or maybe even as passionate about Disney as me and over time, we became friends. At the end of 2010, Kelly and her family of 4 – husband Damon, son Avery, and daughter Paige – moved from PA to the Orlando area (5 minutes from Disney to be exact).  Soon after she settled in, she was asked by a friend to ship a CD from the parks. A short time later, another friend asked for a Mickey Mouse tee shirt and then a third friend asked for something Disney. Suddenly, a light bulb went on….with the parks so accessible, and her love for shopping, especially Disney shopping, maybe she could do something with this….So, in February 2011, Personal Disney Shopper was born.

PDS offers park exclusive merchandise, shipped in a timely manner, to any address whether it be in the US or Canada or all the way across the pond in the UK.  She has even shipped to Germany.  PDS also offers grocery delivery for WDW guests staying on property or off and drop off delivery for several travel agents who want a little welcome gift waiting for their clients upon check in.  As for fees, PDS fees are very reasonable and competitive to the “leading” grocery delivery company used by WDW guests. She is also far lower than other websites that sell park merchandise.  With PDS, there are no mark ups, what Kelly pays for the item, you pay for the item. Her fees consist of the cost of the item, sales tax, and the shipping, as well as a small service fee, which is 20% of the total bill (a minimum $5 charge).

Now you may be wondering how you can get in touch with PDS, right? Currently, the best and easiest way is thru her Facebook page “Personal Disney Shopper”. You can also email PDS at


All you have to do is “like” the page & view the hundreds of photos of merchandise people have asked about. If there isn’t a picture, if you describe what you are looking for, she will look for it on one of her 4 weekly trips into the parks and take a photo of it to post. As for a website – it is in the works. “My husband started work on my web page, then he was hired by Marriott Vacation Club and they got his IT attention. He is trying to get it done in his spare time. I hope by the end of the summer to have the web site up and running. For now, I rely on FB and word of mouth advertising. I send business cards with all my contact info and it has worked incredibly.” I should say so….The PDS fan page on Facebook currently has over 700 fans! 

Moving on to grocery delivery and other delivery services, there really isn’t much Kelly can’t or won’t deliver. She cannot drop off alcohol with the front desk. That’s a Disney no no. But she may be able to hand it off to you if schedules mesh.  Also, be advised that shipping of alcohol is not allowed either. To do so would require a license. To date, PDS has delivered to every Value resort, every Moderate resort and several Deluxe (Poly, Beach Club, Animal Kingdom Lodge & Kidani, Boardwalk, Old Key West and Contemporary/BLT) resorts. She has also made deliveries to Bonnet Creek Resort and Shades of Green Resort with no problems, so it is safe to assume all resorts would welcome her.

Since I personally have sent Kelly on a few crazy adventures searching for an item for me, I asked her what the craziest thing(s) she has been asked to deliver/ship. Here is her response: “LOL The craziest thing I have been asked to deliver was a cell phone charger at 11:30 pm, and I did it!” The craziest item to ship would have to be park napkins and plates.” So suffice it to say, if you ask, she will do…or try as well as she can! 

Kelly has shipped me several things over the last 6 months.  From Halloween candle holders, to Mickey Krispie treats & gummies, even Anniversary buttons! When I asked her for help in finding something for my daughter’s teacher that was both Disney and froggish, she went to her son who collects vinylmation and was able to secure me a Naveen vinyl for a teacher appreciation gift! That is dedication! Hopefully she will feel the same next time I send her looking for those ultimate chocolate caramel cookies that served as many a meal while I was on WDW College Program….hey, what can I say, I was 22, 100 pounds soaking wet with a metabolism that rocked (and I had other priorities for my weekly paycheck…can you say Pleasure Island? LOL).  Now if only we could find a way to ship those beignets still warm from the oven at POFQ……

I can flap my gums forever but ultimately, it’s just my opinion. So, let me give you some visuals of PDS service:

Personal Disney Shopper

Kelly also is a fountain of information when it comes to the Disney Parks and what is going on at any given time. Having also had a Disney Wedding/Vow Renewal in 2009, she can also give hints to help you decide if that is something you might want to do.  As I said before, she is typically in the parks four days a week, sometimes more. One of their favorite family things to do is Magic Kingdom after 9 PM when its emptying out and the lines hardly exist. She knows where the coldest water fountain is in MK (next to Haunted Mansion), where the best character dance party is (Tomorrowland), and the least crowded day to shop at DTD (Tuesdays).

Personal Disney Shopper

Now, Kelly doesn’t know I did this, but I went to a few of her satisfied customers to get the scoop on what they had to say:

Shannon from Arlington, VA:  “What really blew me away about the Personal Disney Shopper service was that there was clearly another mom looking out for my needs. I said I wanted bandages, in case we got blisters. She found ‘blister bandages’ with padding, that I had never seen before. I ordered a 6 pack of soda and she brought me a 12 pack because it was on sale for less than the price of the smaller quantity. Kelly is not a web site, she is a friend in FL, which is how I describe her to all my friends heading to Disney. She followed up via text and social media to make sure we had what we needed, when we needed it. A nice balance of personal & professional service.”

Tracy from South Berwick, ME: “How cool is it that you can get your ‘Disney fix’ from home? Check out Personal Disney Shopper! Fast and convenient. Whether its something you forgot or now just have to have. Quick & easy ordering and used PayPal for my purchase. Ships fast. Was so happy to get my order in the mail. Now I’m planning my next trip and thinking about what I don’t need to ship because I can have Personal Disney Shopper deliver to my resort. Now that’s service!”

Lisa from Massapequa, NY: “I have used PDS numerous times. Before, during, and after my trip to Disney. She is so easy to work with and takes care of everything so you can enjoy your vacation. Not only did she deiver a birthday cake to my resort (POFQ) she went above & beyond to call a few hours before my delivery to ask if there was anything she could pick up for me that I may have forgotten. Sure enough, there was and she took care of it. It is that special touch that made her services the only one I will ever use. I HIGHLY recommend PDS to everyone!”

Kelley from Chelsea, AL: “I have used the PDS serveral times and each time, my order has been perfect! Each item, even Mickey rice krispy treats, have been in great condition! I have ordered a variety of things (tee shirts, snacks, a print, toys) and it arrives quickly and is packaged very well. I highly recommend PDS! I love having some Disney fun delivered to my homeand It really helps to hold me over until my next trip!”

Pat from Hicksville, NY: “I was given Kelly’s name when I wanted an Easter basket made up for my 9 year old daughter for Easter Sunday. We were arriving that day at the BCV and she was worried the Easter Bunny was going to miss her. I mentioned this on another site & someone put me in touch with PDS. For weeks we went back & forth via email with things I wanted, prices, etc. Once we decided everything that was going to be put in the basket, Kelly sent me a price with every item, service fees, & delivery. She called & let me know that the basket was at Guest Services and when my room was ready they would deliver it to the room. About 4 pm we went to the room & all I can say was OMG!, the basket was beautiful! It was made nicer and with everything I wanted in it. It was cheaper than the ones that Disney Florist was making and selling that day at the resorts. Since that day we have used Kelly (PDS) service a few more times. She has shipped to my home items that caught my eye from her facebook page. She is reliable, her prices are great, & her love for her job and Disney makes it easy for us to enjoy the magic year round!”

Emma from the United Kingdom: “I am based in the UK and have used the services of PDS a couple times. The servce has been top standard, delivery was quick considering the distance, price (ie shipping) extemely reasonable & all in all excellent customer service. I will certainly use PDS again & on our next trip to Orlando (which won’t be until Aug 2013 sadly) I will certainly book PDS for a delivery! Would highly recommend.”

So, there you have it folks – just one more thing to help make your trips to Disney easier and a way to keep the magic going when you need it most!

Sending pixie dust wishes & magical dreams your way – until next time,


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