Attractions Plus at Disney


Hey there! It’s been a while since my last article – hope all of you are well & the holidays are magical for you! I’ve been busy busy busy with many clients traveling, even more just beginning to plan and there is so many new and exciting things popping up in WDW, it’s been crazy!


One new thing I wanted to touch on was an addition to photopass. For those who are not big on character meets but still love those thrill ride pictures, this is for you! We all know those pictures at about $15 a pop can add up quick! So, Disney listened & came up with this great offer….One price… multiple thrills… take home all the memories!


It’s NEW! And it’s called Disney Attractions+! Better yet, it’s now available at Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® Resorts.


So, what is it? With Attractions+ you can take home all your Attraction images, taken within a 14 day visit to the parks, for the low low price of $44.95.


Ok now you are probably wondering how does it work? Well, there are 4 simple steps:


1. RIDE: Ride one of the participating Attractions


2. ASSOCIATE: Present your Attractions+ card at the Attraction Imaging Sales Center within 24 hours of riding to associate your photo


3. CLAIM: Visit and enter the ID on the back of the card.


4. DOWNLOAD: Go to “My Downloads” to access your Attractions+ photo downloads.


Now, please note, not all attractions offer this – Disney Attractions+ is available for purchase at any of the participating Attractions.


Walt Disney World Participating Attractions: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, Test Track


Disneyland Participating Attractions: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, California Screamin, Radiator Springs Racers, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror


At present time, I have not used this nor have I had a client use this, so if you have, I would love to hear what you thought! My next family trip I plan to try out the photopass + which is a topic I will touch on next week (hopefully). But it seems Disney is opening up to give its guests more options with photopass. It just depends on which you feel is the best fit for your family.


Sending pixie dust wishes & magical dreams your way – until next time…